Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pistol Grip Prototype

Hey Everyone, I have some fun pics of a new pistol grip prototype we were playing around with, complete with scroll wheel and some new buttons. We don't have plans to make a consumer version, but it is a fun grip to be playing around with right now.

thx, tomnovint


  1. sweet! I'm liking this.


  2. Argh, why must you torture us like this!

    Well at least I don't have to spent more money on another grip...yet. :P

  3. Well the scrolling wheel is not something a can't live without, but maybe the buttons need a better position to reach them without pressing them simultaneously.

  4. Sweet! Looks amazing!

    I can't wait to get one of these!

  5. This is actually pretty bad ass, if you guys come up with a cleaner looking model, i would love to buy it. I plan on perhaps buying a Falcon Controller on monday, but we will see what happens. I was hoping to get a new back wheel for my bmx bike and seat, because i need one. And the Falcon is just a little bit expensive, even using a discount code. I understand why though.


  6. Is this going to be available for purchase in the near future (<2 years)?