Monday, February 15, 2010

F-Gen Beta 2 Officially Released!

Hey Everyone,

We're pleased to announce the release of the F-Gen Beta2 installer. Thanks to you all for your patience in waiting for the update!

There have been many fixes since Beta1, making this new release more solid and stable. Along with all these fixes is comes our all new G-Cube functionality.

You can read some information on F-Gen Manager including notes on the G-Cube Here.

If you are interested in developing F-Gen scripts, you can go through a Tutorial Here.

You can add bugs that you run into for this Beta2 release Here.

You can see some FAQ/Troubleshooting issues with F-Gen Here.

And finally, what you all have been waiting for, you can download the installer Here.

We suggest you uninstall F-Gen Beta1 if you previously installed it, but Please Note if you uninstall F-Gen it will delete all your profiles, so please remember your setings for your profiles so you can transfer them over to Beta2 as Beta1 profiles may not import into Beta2 due to the addition of the G-Cube - sry for this inconvenience. You should not need to uninstall N VeNT Beta1, HDAL SDK 3.0.0, or F-Gen SDK Beta1 if you don't want to.

In terms of tools and games support we have created two different pixel tools. One is simplepixelator.dll that uses getPixel. This is included in the SDK as a very simple example, but please note that if you use this tool in scripts, the getPixel call is very CPU intensive and will bog things down if you try to read a lot of pixels, this tool is intended for simple games with periodic pixel status checks. The other pixel tool can process the entire screen, but due to some Windows development issues, it currently only works in windowed mode. We will post a separate thread on on what the problem is for anyone who is interested.

We are currently working with DickDastardly to use pixel reading with his Left4Dead2 script. The first release of this is recommended (read as required ) to run in windowed mode or windowed without borders, but for what it will add this shouldn't be a problem. This is our next push to get out to you all as soon as it's ready as the first official F-Gen Silver title!

Now we'll be digging into the pixel issues more and we will find an acceptable full screen solution across operating systems. We will also be diving into Shammah's memory reader tool as well as expanding the F-Gen script force support to allow us all to start using F-Gen for it's primary get us all more great game support!

We look forward to everyone's feedback on the new F-Gen.


The Novint Team